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Officially released in January 2020, The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook is a self-published project between Lena, the author and recipe developer, and Siroon, the photographer and food stylist. Filled with over 115 recipes, the cookbook highlights the plant-based and Lenten staples present in both Armenia and the diaspora, and includes a selection of veganized classics.

While the recipes are the main component of this venture, The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook is an all-in-one resource for Armenian cooking which is intertwined with its rich culture and heritage. From food idioms and detailed explanations on dishes, names and customs, to pantry staples, menu pairing and holiday planning, The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook will be an invaluable tool that will serve not only to educate and fascinate readers on Armenian cuisine and history, but also inspire them to create the plant-based and veganized dishes in their own kitchen!A portion of proceeds from every cookbook benefit Centaur Animal-Assisted Therapy and Rescue Center in Ushi, Armenia.

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2 reviews for The Vegan Armenian Kitchen Cookbook

  1. Alik Eleyjian

    I’ve been following Vegan Armenian Kitchen for sometime now through social media since I am a vegan and was excited to find more Armenians in the vegan community. Once the cookbook was launched, I knew I had to get it. I missed our foods I use to enjoy that I gave up many years ago and now I get to consume those things again without feeling bad about the negative impact on the animals and the planet. Going vegan is the best decision I’ve ever made, getting this cool book is the second best.

    • veganarmeniankitchen

      Alik thank you for this lovely comment–so appreciated! I hope you continue creating, sharing, and enjoying recipes from the cookbook! 🙂

  2. Aline Goganian

    This is a deliciously beautiful cookbook!!! It highlights many traditional vegan recipes as well as some modern renditions. A great gift for both Armenians and the cooking enthusiast! I really enjoy how it tells the history and story of the dishes too, making it digestable to everyone.

    • veganarmeniankitchen

      Thank you Aline, so happy to know you are enjoying all aspects of the cookbook!

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